Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Apparently Connie Watson, the mother of Phoenix, Ariz., player Hunter Rodriguez, thinks Northern didn't try to win.
Watson ran up and down the Northern side yelling at the players. She then started yelling at the Northern fans.
Police had to remove Watson from the game in the sixth inning.
"This is totally wrong," Watson told the East Valley Tribune. "They laid down their bats. This isn't hearsay, it's absolute fact."
But that might be where the conspiracy theory ends.
"We want to win every game," John Phillips, J.T.'s father said.
And coach Randy Morris wasn't buying it either.
"That's riduculous," Morris told reporters after the game. "My No. 3 pitcher threw a gem. If I wanted to lose I would have thrown my No. 11 pitcher, not my third. ... I don't know how to lose."
Even Lemont, Ill., manager Mike Hall said Northern was trying to win to win the game.
Not having lost in the tournament makes it even tougher to understand why the Northern would do such a thing.
In reality, it just doesn't make any sense.


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